12 Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts to Level Up Your Strategy

12 Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts to Level Up Your Strategy

With over 3.9 billion social media users worldwide, it’s safe to say every marketing strategy requires a social component to succeed.

Since the social media landscape changes so rapidly, it’s important that marketers stay updated with all the latest trends, features, and algorithm updates. One way to stay updated is by tuning in regularly to social media marketing podcasts.

The 12 social media marketing podcasts featured in this article are packed with insights, tips, and strategies to level up your social media marketing game. Make sure you subscribe to them on your favorite podcast app.

12 Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts for Online Marketers

1. Social Pros Podcast

Social Pros Podcast - 10 Best Social Media Podcasts

Hosted by: Jay Baer and Adam Brown

Launched in 2012, Social Pros is one of the oldest and most popular social media marketing podcasts on the web. Hosted by Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and Adam Brown of Salesforce, the podcast features inside stories and behind-the-scenes secrets about how companies like Ford, Dell, IBM, ESPN, and several more staff, operate and measure their social media programs.

Each episode includes insights from a leading social media strategist plus current trends and ideas in the social media industry, discussed and ratified or debunked by Baer and Brown. Tune in for insights from two of the leading experts in the field.

Learn more: Website / Apple Podcasts

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2. Savvy Social Podcast

Savvy Social Podcast - 10 Best Social Media Podcasts

Hosted by: Andréa Jones

Savvy Social is a weekly social media marketing podcast hosted by social media strategist Andréa Jones of OnlineDrea.com.

The podcast covers all aspects of social media and features chats with other industry professionals who share insights on what social media strategies have worked for them.

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3. The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media Podcast by Buffer

Hosted by: The Buffer Team

The Science of Social Media is a weekly podcast by Buffer, one of the most widely-used social media scheduling tools on the market.

Buffer’s podcast mainly focuses on social media marketing, with each episode containing actionable advice and strategies on how to grow your social media presence.

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4. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy - 10 Best Social Media Podcasts

Hosted by: Amy Porterfield

Leading online marketing strategist Amy Porterfield’s podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important strategies for starting, scaling, and automating your online business.

The podcast features mini marketing masterclasses on a wide range of marketing topics, step-by-step guides, and interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

Need help with Facebook ads? Want to improve your LinkedIn presence? Thinking about creating an online course? Tune in for answers to all your marketing challenges.

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5. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social Media Examiner Podcast - 10 Best Social Media Podcasts

Hosted by: Michael Stelzner

Hosted by Social Media Examiner’s founder Michael Stelzner, the Social Media Marketing podcast has been consistently ranking in the top 10 marketing podcasts for the last seven years.

In the podcast, Stelzner shares success stories and expert interviews from leading social media marketing pros. You’ll discover how successful companies use social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve your social media marketing.

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6. The Life of a Social Media Manager

The Life of a Social Media Manager Podcast

Hosted by: Maria Ganta and Theo Stanciu

The Life of a Social Media Manager is a weekly social media marketing podcast by Socialinsider, a social media analytics and reporting company.

Every week, hosts Theo and Maria from Socialinsider talk with industry experts to discover what it takes to build a successful career as a social media manager.

Marketers from some of the biggest brands worldwide, such as HBO Max, Pinterest, Canva, and Puma, discuss what they love about the job, what they find challenging, strategy tips, and more.

With an average of 30 minutes, the podcast is perfect to start your day with.

Listen on: Spotify / Website

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7. The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Hosted by: Gary Vaynerchuk

If there’s one person who’s mastered the art of social media marketing, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk. He has a huge following on almost every social network — from established networks like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to emerging platforms like TikTok.

On each of these platforms, Vaynerchuk consistently uploads native content that resonates with his audience. His podcast is no different.

The GaryVee Audio Experience covers a mix of Vaynerchuk’s #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches, snippets from the DAILYVEE video series, and original podcast content.

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8. Social Media Marketing Talk Show

SMM Talk Show - 10 Best Social Media Podcasts

Hosted by: The Social Media Examiner Team

Social Media Marketing Talk Show is another podcast by Social Media Examiner. While Michael Stelzner’s personal podcast focuses on actionable social media strategies, Social Media Marketing Talk Show focuses on trending social media news stories.

Each week, the Social Media Examiner team brings you expert commentary on breaking social media marketing news from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Listen in to gain quick social media insights.

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9. The Art of Online Business

The Art of Online Business

Hosted by: Rick Mulready

Previously called The Art of Paid Traffic, Rick Mulready’s podcast is a primer on all aspects of paid advertising. In the podcast, Mulready shares Facebook and Instagram ad strategies you can use to create a foundation for more freedom, leads, and sales in your business.

Tune in to the podcast for practical tips, actionable strategies, and detailed case studies to help you build a successful online business.

Learn more: Website / Stitcher

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10. Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Hosted by: Reid Hoffman

Hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Masters of Scale is a weekly podcast featuring the best startup advice from Silicon Valley and beyond. Each week, Hoffman invites iconic founders and CEOs who share the stories and strategies that helped them grow their companies from startups into global brands.

Past guests on the show have included successful online entrepreneurs such as Ben Chestnut from Mailchimp, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom, Stewart Butterfield from Slack, and many more.

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11. Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic

Hosted by: Sara Tasker

Sara Tasker is an Instagram expert with over 200k followers on the platform and a thriving six-figure online business. Hashtag Authentic is her weekly podcast where she guides you through the lessons and strategies she learned to build a successful business.

Tune in for an insider’s view of all things Instagram, blogging, social media and beyond.

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12. Marketing Mantra

Marketing Mantra Podcast

Hosted by: Sandeep Mallya

Marketing Mantra is an online marketing podcast I launched in 2018 with aim to share actionable marketing strategies and tactics that have worked for me at my blog and my digital marketing agency.

The podcast also features interviews with entrepreneurs and marketing experts who share their success stories and proven marketing strategies. Past guests on the podcast have included Matthew Woodward, Daniel Daines-Hutt from AmpMyContent, Alexandra Tachalova from Digital Olympus, Vlad Calus from Planable, and many more.

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Final Thoughts

That wraps up my list of must-listen social media marketing podcasts. Did I miss one of your favorite social media podcasts? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This article was first published on 14 January 2020 and has been updated regularly since then for relevance and comprehensiveness.

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