Artificial Intelligence is About to Revolutionize Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence is About to Revolutionize Real Estate

We’re in the initial stages of a game-changing, disruptive artificial intelligence (AI) boom. Big Tech has been investing billions of dollars into it since the world was first introduced – and blown away with Open AI’s Chat GPT. Grand View Research says we could be looking at a $1.8 trillion opportunity by 2030. Even better, generative AI could add between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion a year to the global economy. That’s according to a new McKinsey report, which also said it could have a significant impact across all industry sectors, including real estate. For example, La Rosa Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: LRHC) just developed a new AI-powered back-end technology that is potentially the first of its kind in the market. Known as Jaeme (pronounced Jaime) – it was built via a partnership with OpenAI.

Using JAEME, realtors can analyze data about their target audience, identify trends and preferences, and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. JAEME can also assist realtors in creating more personalized and engaging marketing experiences for their clients. By analyzing past interactions and behavior, JAEME can help realtors deliver customized content and recommendations that resonate with each individual client. It can even automate many repetitive marketing tasks, freeing up realtors to focus on more high-level strategic work. For example, AI can help generate personalized email campaigns or social media posts, schedule follow-up calls or meetings, and even identify new leads in real-time.

Along with La Rosa Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: LRHC), other real estate companies to keep an eye on include eXp World Holdings (NASDAQ: EXPI), CBRE Group (NYSE: CBRE), FRP Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: FRPH), and Realty Income (NYSE: O).

Look at La Rosa Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: LRHC), For Example

La Rosa Holdings Corp., a holding company for five agent-centric, technology-integrated, cloud-based, multi-service real estate companies, today announced that it has acquired a controlling interest in the Company’s franchisee – La Rosa Realty Lake Nona, Inc. located in Orlando, Florida.

Lake Nona generated revenue in excess of $9.8 million and positive net income in 2022. The franchisee provides residential and commercial real estate brokerage services. It also provides coaching and support services to agents on a fee basis.

“We are excited to welcome the franchisee into the corporate organization,” said Joe La Rosa, CEO of La Rosa Holdings Corp. “We believe that not only does this acquisition expand our footprint in Florida, but it will also increase our top line revenue. With future planned franchisee acquisitions, we expect both our top line and bottom line to improve considerably as our current infrastructure is set up to support five times our current agent count. We have a brokerage model which is agent centric with 100% commission.”

“In our view, our agent-centric commission model enables our sales agents to obtain higher net commissions than they would otherwise receive from many of our competitors in our local markets. We provide our real estate brokers and sales agents who are seeking financial independence with a turnkey solution and support them in growing their brokerages while they fund their own businesses. This enables us to maintain a low fixed-cost business model with several recurring revenue streams, yielding relatively high margins and cash flow. Moreover, we believe that our proprietary technology, training, and the support that we provide to our agents at a minimal cost to them is one of the best offered in the industry. Our strategy is to drive exponential growth to capitalize on the changing agency model trends occurring in the industry.”

Other related developments from around the markets include:

eXp World Holdings announced the launch of ‘eXp Exclusives’, a cutting-edge platform that offers eXp agents and their clients access to a broad geographic network of on-and-off market listings. Participating agents in the United States and Canada will now be able to share off-market and pre-market listings with other eXp agents and clients through a mobile app, powered by Zenlist. eXp Exclusives is free to eXp Realty agents, and will also house all eXp Realty active MLS listings. In addition — in many markets, eXp agents and their clients will also be able to access all MLS listings in Zenlist’s collaborative platform.

CBRE Group announced a strategic partnership with Emitwise, a leading carbon accounting software provider, to collect greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) data from its supply chain and provide carbon accounting capabilities to its suppliers. As part of the partnership, CBRE will make a strategic investment in Emitwise. “Decarbonizing supply chains requires breakthroughs in using technology and data in new ways to simplify the challenges of managing complex value chains,” said Robert Bernard, CBRE Chief Sustainability Officer. “We are excited to partner with Emitwise to help our clients reduce their carbon impact and support our efforts to decarbonize our own supply chain.”

FRP Holdings Inc. executed an agreement with Steuart Investment Company (SIC) and MidAtlantic Realty Partners (MRP) for the development of up to ten mixed-use projects in the Capitol Riverfront and Buzzard Point submarkets of Washington, DC. These projects will come from four parcels of land owned by SIC, phases III and IV of The Company’s Riverfront on the Anacostia Development, the site currently leased to Vulcan Materials in Buzzard Point, and the existing mixed use multifamily/retail assets (Dock 79, The Maren, and The Verge) owned by The Company and MRP in the Capitol Riverfront and Buzzard Point submarkets. Upon completion and stabilization, these projects will comprise over 3 million square feet of mixed-use development including 3,000 residential units and 150,000 square feet of retail.

Realty Income announced that it has declared the 640th consecutive common stock monthly dividend. The dividend amount of $0.256 per share, representing an annualized amount of $3.072 per share, is payable on November 15, 2023 to stockholders of record as of November 1, 2023. The ex-dividend date for November’s dividend is October 31, 2023.

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