3 Real Estate Lessons I Learned From Watching ‘Bewitched’

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Raise your hand if you love to watch some old-school shows like Golden Girls, Frasier, or Seinfeld. How about a little further back in time? Anyone love I Dream of Jeannie, or how about Bewitched? I’m a sucker for Elizabeth Montgomery and her nose-wiggling ways.


I know way too much about this 1960s show, along with the actors who portrayed Samantha, Darrin(s) and Tabitha Stephens, plus the unforgettable Endora. But that’s probably another blog post.

One day, while I was doing my daily yoga to the show (it’s relaxing, what can I say?), I was hit with some inspiration. Maybe it was an episode where Gladys Kravitz was in everyone’s business. It made me start thinking about what Bewitched has taught me about real estate life. 

Here are the three things (plus one important bonus insight) Bewitched taught me about being a real estate agent.

1. Loved ones always have an opinion

In just about every episode, one of Samantha’s crazy relatives wreaks havoc on the Stephens family, mainly Darrin. From the mother-in-law who thinks she knows what’s best for her little girl to the father-in-law, who believes he’s always right and won’t entertain any arguments, to the crazy cousin who has no good reason to be there but still shows up.

Does this sound familiar? How many family members have tried to sabotage a deal for you? We’ve all met the armchair experts. The father with no background in construction who suddenly has a degree in all things foundation-related for the home.

We agents have to navigate these personalities and entourage at every show. Does anyone know how to conjure up a good spell that’ll keep them all in line? After all, a little magic might come in handy.

Fun fact: Did you know Montgomery played both Samantha and her cousin Serena? I’ve had a customer or two who started out like a Samantha and turned into a Serena. How about you?


2. Clients think we have the ability to apparate

Snap your fingers, and pop! You’re in another place! Wouldn’t that be nice? I really didn’t understand why Darrin had a problem with this type of transportation. I mean, the money you could save these days. 

Buyers and sellers think real estate agents are like witches and warlocks. I know I’ve gotten the call before, “Hey Pinky, can we just pop by this house real quick?”

Never mind, it’s an occupied property with two dogs and a tenant, plus, the confidential remarks say 24 hours’ notice is required, which we told our clients already.

Yes, let me wiggle my nose and just pop on over. Ugh! Seriously, we need time to schedule appointments. Does anyone want someone to just “pop on by”? I won’t even get into the things I have seen when I’ve “popped” into properties! 

3. Nosey neighbors are deal-killers

Fun fact: There were two Gladys Kravitzs on Bewitched as well. They were both equally nosey. 

Need I say more than her name? The nosy neighbor! I bet even millennials know the name and shudder. Nobody wants a Gladys Kravitz; she is the ultimate deal-killer.

Why do these people live for these moments? They sit at the windows and wait for the open house sign to pop up just so they can come over and stir the pot! Samantha really should have turned her into a frog just to make her life simpler. I don’t think anyone would have blamed her, certainly not the real estate agent for Morning Glory Circle.

You won’t believe the wild tales I’ve collected from neighbors during deals! I had one neighbor who slyly wiggled his little finger at my buyer when I wasn’t watching and spilled the beans about the unpermitted back porch.

As Samantha might say, “Oh my stars!”

I bet the neighbor was wishing he had magical powers to make everything right instead of the giant bill to rectify everything. 

Bonus lesson: Get your name on the deed

Fun fact: The opening sequence of “Bewitched” was created by Hanna-Barbera. In fact, Montgomery and York lent their voices to an episode of “The Flintstones” where the Stephens move to Bedrock!

The biggest controversy for this show was the changing of Darrins! How could they switch Dicks mid-show? (That’s Dick York to Dick Sargent.) Well, they did.


What lesson did this teach me about real estate? You never know when you are going to be switching Darrins in your real life, so make sure your name is on the deed. You don’t want your house to disappear with a snap of your fingers or a wiggle of your nose.

Now, for a little story from my early days in real estate. I was in my office, writing up a contract with my customers, and they had brought along the dad to “help.”

I asked, “How would you like your names to read on the contract? Are you a married couple?” I asked innocently. Apparently, they were, but they hadn’t yet broken the news to dear old dad. Oh, the secrets that come out in our business! Nothing stays hidden for long!

In the captivating world of Bewitched, we’ve uncovered magical real estate lessons that continue to sparkle today. From handling the enchanting opinions of loved ones to the art of scheduling appointments, even dealing with our very own Gladys Kravitz, the curious neighbor, we’ve learned to add a dash of magic to our real estate journeys.

Now, let’s not forget the most enchanting lesson of all  — get your name on the deed. Just as the show had a spellbinding switch in Darrins, life can bring unexpected changes. Having your name on the deed is like owning a piece of real estate magic.


So, the next time you’re navigating the real estate realm, remember the lessons Bewitched bestowed upon us. Whether you’re dealing with meddling family members and fanciful expectations or just wishing for a sprinkle of magic, channel your inner Samantha and glide through your journey with a twinkle in your eye, a wiggle of the nose and a dash of charm.

Sue Benson is the Pink Lady of real estate in Naples, Florida. Find her on Instagram, or visit her website.