Chime Names AKQA Its Integrated Marketing Agency

Chime Names AKQA Its Integrated Marketing Agency

Chime is a banking app with a serious social following. At nearly 1 million Instagram followers, the Chime app stands out from other banks in its loyal fanbase. But the decade-old brand is looking for wider name recognition, which is why it recently selected AKQA as its integrated marketing agency.

The partnership looks to redefine financial services, user experiences and lead the digital transformation of the financial sector, according to AKQA.

“It feels like the right type of partnership because they’re a very innovative brand and we share that common commitment to innovation,” Tesa Aragones, AKQA North America president, told Adweek.

Aragones will work with Chime CMO Vineet Mehra, who joined the brand in May 2022, to make Chime’s financial services accessible to everyone.

“It’s this idea of community building,” Mehra told Adweek. “The days of just advertising your product and thinking people will just accept it are over.”

Mehra, who has held CMO and CGO roles at Walgreens, Good Eggs and Ancestry, said that AKQA isn’t just an advertising shop, but one that understands the importance of community-powered brands to build culture.

“That was something really important for us—a more modern take on how to build brands in a world where community and culture are so connected,” Mehra said, adding that AKQA also understands innovation and creating an amazing experience for customers to help build a brand.

A commitment to inclusivity

Both Aragones and Mehra said that Chime and AKQA share a passion for inclusivity and accessibility. What that means is that they want to ensure that the next generation of financial companies is accessible to all, regardless of background or financial status.

Chime has a history of championing those who have had financial troubles. It was founded in 2012 following the recession that decimated the bank accounts of many people. Chime introduced features like fee-free banking, SpotMe overdraft protection and early pay. And the app continues to offer incentives. In 2022, traditional banks charged $9.9 billion in overdraft/NSF fees, nearly half of pre-pandemic levels, while Chime provided members with $5 billion in tax refunds up to five days early. Those innovations made others in the financial sector change how they do business.